Autumn love stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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A garden that is yearning to bloom I'm alone here On these empty pages I'm writing about you

The leaves are silently turning yellow And your memories are making my heart hollow The leaves try their best to stay on the dry branches

Are you eyes satisfied now By seeing me in pain?

How many lies are hidden in your eyes? How much more will you hurt me till my heart dies?

Look! The clouds cry instead of me Their tears are collected on every tree Let my voice be like the seas in your ears

I promised to make all your fears disappear Let autumn be full of yearning for your heart

Look! The trees are dying The flowers are crying The leaves are drying Because you don't trust that this dream doesn't end

I'll still be here with a little hope in my heart On my side will be my friend You can take what remain of us with you

May someday my dream come true May the road be open for you

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