All of My Heart
All of My Heart love stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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All of My Heart

I'm really happy That I am by your side I am always beside you Even in my dreams

I forgot how to smile But with you by my side I'm always smiling

I pray everyday That you will be mine If only you could see my heart And feel my true love If only you could see my heart And find your way to me

I'm really thankful for meeting you I'm thankful for you for being by my side Because whenever I talk to you I feel so safe and warm

I feel so strong Because I have you by my side Just looking at you Makes me happy

I want to give you all of my heart Please stay by my side forever Even if you are tired of this world I'm always here for you

So let's always stay by each others side Please never let go of my hand

I want to use my last love for you

I will be so happy if you are my last destiny

I gave you all of my heart So please don't leave me alone.

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