A Poem Titled "YOU"
A Poem Titled "YOU" sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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Collab with Navv!!

A Poem Titled "YOU"

A beautiful and heart touching collab with @sthanav He is amazing!!! This is my third collab with Nav!

Flower blooms and withers just like my heart Bring back the memories and the cuts...

The stars that left made the sky sad so rain falls as sky cries Never cared about other guys. There's a hold still wishing you to be mine

When the first snow falls My one and only wish will come true They call me a fool Make fun of me because I believe in that story

Waiting for a surprise Wishing you to hold by Ask the Santa of mine He will tell you the same for all times

Tell the winds to please deliver my feelings to you If i die before i can see you again There's a hope lit in my eyes Wish you could see it before the dust Of my cries

There's many more that hold then a bye A bit little a bit shy But never gave up on you being mine

Do you know about my longing heart? Or not? If you feel my longing heart Please come back to me again

It not a cry for a cake I need you through all my makes Am willing to travel all the takes You hold all my rivers and lakes If you look for me once I will bake you for all the sake

That one lonely star in the sky will be me Crying with the moon The moon only gets to see the sun once So it cries with me when the moon misses the sun at night We're both longing for the one we love

Talk to the Consonants talk to the world You're the one flying above With you I am one of a same Without you every thing is a broken game

I am right behind you but still you can't see me I am like a fallen petal fluttered to the ground by the season ALONE SAD AND LONELY

I didn't meet you to cry for the rest of my life May be this is where we say We're never mend to be made You drop down and fade I can't live with these shades.

I didn't build up memories to hurt My name seemed so beautiful when you were calling but now without you it won't be the same

You made our love messed up in start In the end it was me who became the fool I can't play fool for all the times It's been sorted with the lines You're always fading so are my lines

You're moving on to someone for your feast of dine But still are my hopes to be mine Talking about the loves talking about the hates I seem on stuck to move you out of my head I wish it's never too late

But I goota hold me close before another earthquake But i go through an earthquake every single day Seeing you with someone new Seeing someone else in my place It hurts so i pretend not to be lonely not to be in pain

When you left me alone i gave up on my dreams Because you no longer came in them Now you are in another's dreams

I want to be in past where i was with you Because past memories are better than the present They told me love is selfish and now i know love is being selfish not for yourself but for the one you love

So let's not dwell on the past I had my last Let's not compare it with the class task

Cause if I ever had that I will be on your top rank I love to narrate a story of mine but let's keep it for tour your grave line You will know How much I loved you But you were the one who left it due

I guess am one of the few but now I started valuing myself too So let this be an end of an story untend I won't try to mend cause you will always find a way to bend

So I am done with fending the fence I am not now holding on your clench I will be seeing you though in your bench and hope it stays the same I know it's lame but you've run out of fame

After all this pain the lesson that i learnt was that Don't ever give all your love to only one person Because who knows if they leave and hurt you like you did

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