A New Lover
A New Lover sad stories

aleena_shahid Be grateful for everything!
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A New Lover

I would hug your voice If only i could do that Your conscience is my W I T N E S S

You were my B R E A T H But now you are just a STRANGER To me

Now you belong to someone else I heard that you have a new lover now

But please Don't call her ''My Life'' Like you used to call M E

I feel like my body has fallen into a S T O R M

Why are you asking me If my soul is still alive?

You're the reason of my EMOTIONLESSNESS The reason of my TIREDNESS

I hushed my heart So it won't cry I don't dare to fall for it again I won't mention you again

That new lover of yours Take care of HER

You won't understand my case My case is DEEP It wounds me You are cruel You only wasted my time

You didn't have even a little bit of mercy on me

My oath to destiny Made me huff you Your betrayal unsealed E V E R Y T H I N G

It told me leave you Because you're tired of me now

But who knows what you did to me Happens to you too

Then you'll understand What betrayal feels like Now the only thing I can say is that

Don't love everybody As if It will never end

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