8 Lonely Tears (My Painful Love Part 5)
8 Lonely Tears

(My Painful Love Part 5) sad stories

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Part 5!

8 Lonely Tears (My Painful Love Part 5)

The first is tear of B L O O D That is made of my pain in my heart Like a catastrophic F L O O D

The second is a H A P P Y T E A R That falls when i remember you When i feel that you're N E A R

The third is a B E T R A Y E D T E A R Because all the things you said were a lie Now i can't think C L E A R

The fourth is a tear of P A I N I can't sleep at night because i wonder why you left Now instead of blood There is despair in my V E I N

The fifth is a L O N E L Y T E A R Because now i'm all alone without you by my side At night I hear your voice in my E A R

The sixth is a S I L E N T T E A R That rolls down my cheeks When i see you with her The only thing i F E A R

The seventh is a tear of H A T E Because you betrayed and used me And i thought it was F A T E

The eighth is a tear of L O V E That comes from the deepest part of my heart Where you still live M Y L O V E

Because i can't erase the stain You left on my heart

These are the 8 Lonely Tears That i cry everyday But you don't even care

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