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aleena_ Navii❤️❤️❤️
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Another dare from Nav


Don't feel down I won't let you drown

I will protect your crown So you will never feel down

I will protect your crown So you will never feel down The voices in your head That tell you to be DEAD

Don't listen to them If you do You'll only help them

The tears that you cry Believe me They will dry

Only look up I will help you fill your cup

Don't ever feel lonely I will help you to be free Your heart is filled with kindness Don't hurt yourself in people's blindness

I know about your pain How you feel that you're surrounded by clouds that always RAIN

Someday The clouds will disappear I will protect Your every tear

Search your heart and you'll find me Call my name whenever you need me

I will run to you And hold you in my arms so you won't feel blue

I will help you heal your every SCAR Trust me you'll win this painful WAR Look up at the sky Your wings are ready to fly

Look up and we all are looking at the same sky Some are already flying and Some of us will fly

Just look up And stare at the sky above One day You'll be free And you'll be flying like a dove

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