To You (My Painful Love Part 1)
To You (My Painful Love Part 1) sad stories

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To You (My Painful Love Part 1)

I was surprised that you said "I Love You" Do you really mean it? I want to know If it's true or not

My hand is over my heart My heart doesn't open up easily But I'm afraid that I'm opening it for you

I want to give you all of my heart Because I lived with my heart closed Like a fool

We can feel each other now Now I know you and your pain Whenever I see you crying It feels like my heart is ripping With you

Now you know me My scars, My pain And I know yours

So don't think about anything Don't worry You're not alone I'm with you Don't cry Just smile

I'll find your bright smile With my warm hands I know what you feel I'll be with you Until all the scars In your heart heal

Don't be afraid of anything I won't let anything happen to you All hardships that you faced I'll help you forget them all

A bright future is waiting for you Your beautiful laugh I'll find it for you I will help you heal

So you'll be happy I'll always protect you Your beautiful smile Please don't ever lose it

Even if you can't see me I'm always by your side

Don't worry about anything

I hope you get this letter A letter to you

From my hurting heart

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