That's How Love Is
That's How Love Is love stories

aleena_ Navii❤️❤️❤️
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That's how love is.

That's How Love Is

Love is the most beautiful thing And also the most painful It leaves me only pain And then goes away

It rides the wind and then Approaches me Sounlessly

Loving someone is beautiful But i don't know I might lose myself

But that's how love is That's why it's beautiful It makes you smile While you cry

I must love you But i'm afraid that the Love found me and now I can't escape it

What if i hurt a little?

It'll be ok Because I Love You The days i miss you The days i want to cry Please be by my side

It approached me like It will heal my wounds

That'a how love is Like a journey Without a map Like a child Who lost its path

To me You became my light It gives me peace I see you even in my dreams

That's how love is Beautiful And Painful

It has the power to make someone bleed And at the same time heal the bruises

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