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I thought you were loyal That you loved me truly But little did i know The love in your eyes was never for me

Whenever it rains I remember that one day When i saw you with her You were holding her so tight You never held me like that

She looked at me and i saw fear in her eyes What did she fear If she loved you?

I couldn't ask you to stay Because i knew you already let go of my hand and left You were already with her

And when you came back and held me I was Disgusted

Your scent was not yours It was her scent on you I looked at you and tried to smile But my lips didn't move I asked,"Where were you?" And you said,"I was preparing something for you."

It was so easy for you to lie You tried to come closer But i told you to stop

You already held her hand And let go of mine So why are you coming to me again?

The clouds were crying with me It started to rain Luckily you had an umbrella You gave her shelter As i was being destroyed

My heart became cold I looked at you coldly for one last time Then turned my back

I broke down as i realized what happened It was so painful for me to walk away But it hurted more to know that You were never mine

The cold rain was falling on my heart Making it more cold

Your heart that i always thought Belonged to me Painfully Was never mine

The rain was falling As you both were smiling She was not cold Because you held her Giving her warmth That i always wished for But it never came true

Everyone can see the rain But no one can see my tears Everyone can feel the rain But there's not even a single soul that knows about my tears

This house In which we both lived together Now has the smell of BETRAYAL And it disgusts me Everytime i lay on the bed Everytime i breathe

For you both Rain is romantic For me It's the most painful Whenever it rains I go to that same place again

With a black umbrella I still see you with her there Now i look at you More coldly than before I take a glance at you and her And slowly turn away with my black umbrella

Walking far away from you Wiping my tears that keep falling down my eyes

Even the umbrella can't stop me from being drenched It can't give shelter to me Like you gave her

Even the umbrella started to cry When it realized How i was breaking inside

Every time The rain falls I sit on that bench where i saw you first

But now you're Replaced The black umbrella took your place

My heart cries as tears fall The clouds ask me why am i crying? I look up and say

My love was true and it was only for him But his love was never mine His tears were not for me He was never mine He was always hers

And me? I was just his childhood I was only a blur to him He only came to me for comfort And i thought It was love

I want him to suffer like me But at the same time I still can't see him in pain

A laugh just got stuck in my throat And only tears came out

I'm not drenched because of rain

I'm drenched in his Betrayal Drenched in Tears and Pain Drenched in his Fake Love

No matter how much i try I can't forgive him I only wish to forget him Because once i forget him He'll be forgiven

The clouds look at me with sympathetic eyes Wishing they never rained

Scared Of my pain Scared Of how his betrayal destroyed every part of me

The way he stole My true smile And my colours Leaving me in Black and White

Now i can't smile anymore

The clouds know that they can't help me They can't help me to forget what he did His betrayal

So they start to rain even more

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