Opposite Of Loving
Opposite Of Loving opposite stories

aleena_ Navii❤️❤️❤️
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Opposite Of Loving

I've come to know that

Life is like a DREAM RIGHT and WRONG LOVE and HATE

They all get buried with the passing time And then leave quietly with no trace

What's the opposite of loving?

I always thought that The opposite of loving is hating But when you left me here With hatred instead of love

I came to realize that

The opposite of loving is not hating But leaving

You left me so i should leave you too But i yearn for you so much

I want to see you again But i can't So i guess I should leave you Like you left me

If i keep hating you Then i'll always remember you But by leaving you I leave all of my love behind I leave everything

The opposite of loving Is not HATING But LEAVING

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