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My Universe

This one is for the one who is the most closest to my heart

I'm very happy That you are by my side I'm very grateful That i have you

Now that i have you by my side I have the strength to do everything i ever wished for Now that you are in my heart My heart is always warm

There are no words in this world That can describe my love for you When i'm in the dark You bring light in my heart and make me smile

If i don't talk to you then my day remains incomplete

I can share my everything with you My every secret Even your name brings a smile on my face

Without you Everything seems dull to me The one who never fails to make me laugh

I wish that i was there with you So that i could hug you tight

You are the most precious person to me The one who's always there to hold me when i fall

The only one whom i want to take care of Because he's just as much of a baby as i am

I don't ever get annoyed by him Even when he teases me His teasing make me smile even more

He's my teddy bear I can cuddle with him all day and night

After i met him My life is more colourful than before He's like my other half

I never tasted his cooking But i know his cooking will be the best

His smile is the most beautiful for me I'm beside him in my dreams

Just your smile Makes me heart at rest And even your single tear Makes me cry too

He's more precious than a pearl

He's more beautiful than a flower

Thank you for being with me

You are the most important person for me Whom i can love freely

I really love you the most

And i wish you always stay happy

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