My Orange Blossom
My Orange Blossom love stories

aleena_ Navii I miss u a lot ❤️❤️❤️
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A beautiful collab.Hope you like it!

My Orange Blossom

An amazing collab with @sthanav

A verse is like a secret in whose heart will be it's home In whom it will live forever It is not u who knows that, only that verse does

There's a Fragnance on the road. I wonder where it belongs

A cute narration of mind Am flying above the time. Someone comes and hold me in Am I the one in Dream? She is the fortune of time. Am I stuck in my mind???

Just like the flower of orange that leaves the beautiful greenry of gardens and blooms When u smile your fragrance gets lost and fills up the whole room

Without your scent I won't be able to live You Are My Life

I want to live in your eyes Whenever people try to find me I hope they always find me in your eyes

I want to spend every second of my life with you I want to be so close to you that no one can ever take me away from you

Just as close as your heart is

I've felt this before Where and how it holds? It takes me down to breath. How could I miss those Aroma and the bits. Optimistic of all time. Her Fragnance is Devine. She is one for all. A cute memory of my heart.

Just like those beautiful dewdrops on the blade of grass I want to hold your hands and never let go of them

You are my that one and only orange blossom Of whose scent I can never get enough of

I Love You

You Are My Life

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