Love and Addiction
Love and Addiction love stories

aleena_ Navii I miss u a lot ❤️❤️❤️
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Something that my sister Valentina taught me.She is true.Some lovers are not lovers but are just addicted to each other

Love and Addiction

A really hurting truth that i learnt is that

Some lovers were never lovers They were not lovers but only nicotine laced toxic

Just like a smoker who didn't smoke for a long time longs for the feeling of cigarette between his lips every moment

Do we say he's in love with the cigarette?


That's not what love is

There's a difference between love and addiction

Love does not damage your organs Love does not kill you

Remember This is when you long to talk to someone who once suffocated your lively heart And when you can't talk to that person you get hurt and mad Just like a smoker does

Always remember

There is a difference between Love and Addiction

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