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aleena_ Navii❤️❤️❤️
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A dare from Nav.It was hard at first but then i did it

About Me

So this is about me A truth no one can see

You will always see me smile Even if it's just for a while

It's really hard to understand You won't be able to hold my hand

I will be in your most beautiful dream I will be there when you want ti scream

You can find me in your eye You can feel me in your heart when you lie

If you think i'll leave you Well honey that can't be true

I am there in your most painful wound A secret waiting to be found

Just like your true lover I'm hiding behind the cover

The light behind tears The strength behind fears One word and the pain disappears

You only need one look And then you'll see my name in your favourite book

A mind that flows like water A problem in the computer

The one who likes to run It's all about having fun

There's no man that is good or bad It's just about the life we had

A flower waiting to bloom A sky without any gloom

Not a princess but a king Even if it's a small event my heart keeps tingling

An untold story behind this face Not like someone who's running in this world's race

Like a baby rabbit resting inside it's hole I'm someone who's trying to understand my soul

A bird that stares at the moon at night Dreams to be a star that shines bright

That's all there is about me I know you didn't understand who i truly am But it's ok because That can never be

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