Expectational Ignorance
Expectational Ignorance surprise stories

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Expectational Ignorance

by alecpanos

You may have been told that "life is what you make it."

But life is not clay and you are not a fortune teller. Life often has different plans than you.

Life can leave you bobbing and stunned.

In a sea of expectaions unfulfilled. In a moat where you thought a bridge might be.

Realize that you may not always be prepared.

A crush could say no, a dream might go, but know your strength will grow.

I urge you to keep walking.

Despite what waits behind each curtain and corner, no matter what doubters may expect, believe that you can.

You may not think you're ready, but if not now, then when?

If you are the martyr , then I'm the helping hand to lend.

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