Returning to Fog
Returning to Fog

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Returning to Fog

Why do we return to that foggy state of mind

When first we feel elated Having the inaccurate, brief feeling of happiness Followed by the mix of emotions that we had hoped to repress in the first place

Then all of a sudden we can’t escape the loss of time The unnerving feeling of the fog not clearing up

Head spinning When you can’t trust your intuition anymore

When you leave a safe haven of people and are left to your own devices

You think you’re okay but then the idea of walking to the kitchen emerges Vulnerable You can’t guard your heart or your mind when you’re so vulnerable

Pulling you to do something you wouldn’t have considered in the first place Your. Will. Exorcised from you at an excruciating rate

Walking to the basement and tears are streaming A force outside yourself is pulling you toward the stove you’ll turn on because you’re numb

But no

At this moment you choose to pray You hold onto the wall hoping it’ll keep you upright

It’ll keep you from walking any further as you call, beg for clarity

Soon as your turning to the kitchen..

You see two people Mixed emotions, too relieved to think about your bloodshot eyes or embarrassment You asked for help and were heard Not in the way you expected but solutions come in different forms

Strangers but you sit with them As they continue talking to each other your eyes dilate, your breath calms

The stove is a couple feet from you but your safe

They understand as you sit with them and allow their voices to fade into your background

Two strangers that still to this day remain unknown. saviors x

-saved from the fog

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