Soul Drug
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albiesijbold Community member
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The only drug I need

Soul Drug

I take a final look at myself in the mirror before i blast off

Every imperfection almost makes me lose hope

The final destination beckons to me as I pity myself

I imagine the promised euphoria and power flowing to me

Everything else seems less urgent as I ready my substance

Influential beyond logic, tightly stitched to my soul and body

This transformation might change my fate

What started off as a hobby has now become my compass

What's completely human almost feels like a vice

This advantage is far from a plant or pill

Before I die of suspense I power on my tool of divine enhancement

I browse the medley of spiritual doctors as I decide my destination

Completely aware that I will leave this place I analyze my thoughts

When all is calm in my head I let the stylus fall like a floodgate letting inspiration fill my soul

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