ukai x reader | fluff ?
ukai x reader | fluff ? 

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ukai x reader | fluff ?

also, tw, there will be dr*gs mentioned in this story.

you sat on the bleachers, watching the boys play. hinata and kageyama never failed to impress you. when practice was over, you walked toward the boys and talked for a bit, until it was time to go. you helped yachi and kiyoko put everything away, and got ready to leave. as you opened the door to leave, coach Ukai called you over to where he was seated.

you had always had a thing for him even though he was about double your age, but honestly.. who didn't? you walked over to him."did you need something?" ukai nodded. "actually, yes. can you come to my office after i clean up here?"

you nodded and walked off. as you waited outside his office, you played with the ends of your shirt. you turned your head to see ukai walking down the hall. when he reached the door, you stood up and walked to him. he opened the door and motioned for you to enter. you walked toward his desk, feeling nervous.

he took a cigarette from his drawer and lit it. "come" you walked closer to him and he grabbed your waist, pulled you closer to him, then sat you on his lap. you didn't say anything, since you were enjoying this so far.

he turned you around so that you were facing him and pulled you closer to his face. he leaned closer so that you two were only inches away, said "you're pretty cute you know," then closed the distance between the two of you. the kiss was passionate and slow, and with every movement, you could taste the tobacco in his mouth.

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