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tendou x reader | fluff

you were at an ice cream shop with your friend tendou, and you saw lots of familiar faces from your school there. they were looking at you and tendou weirdly, and they whispering things to each other. you overhead some of the terrible things they were saying about you guys. actually, they were talking about tendou, not you.

these comments caught tendou's attention, he looked sad and then suddenly ran out of the shop. you were shocked. he had always ignored terrible comments like that, why did he care all of a sudden? without thinking twice, you got up and ran as fast as you could to where tendou went.

when you got there, you saw tendou on a bench, curled up into his sweater. you walked towards him and asked "are you ok?" he looked up, his eyes red and puffy. he didn't say anything, he just sat there. "why did you come after me?" "because I care about you" you saw tendou blush and hide his face in between his knees.

"hey tendou, can I tell you something?" you said "sure" you took a deep breath. "ok, so I like you, and I have for a really long time" his head jolted up from his kneed and he stared at you, eyes wide. "h-huh..? why would you like me? i'm weird and ug-"you cut him off with a soft kiss on his lips.

"Because you're so nice to everyone, no matter what they say, and to me, you're perfect" tendou blushed and looked away. You chuckled and sat next to him, holding his hand gently.

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