tamaki amajiki x reader | HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMAKI
tamaki amajiki x reader | HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMAKI tamaki amajiki stories

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tamaki amajiki x reader | HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMAKI

you walked into the cake shop, looking for the right one as soon as you walked in. as you looked into the glass, there was a cake with purple and blue butterflies. 'perfect' you looked up to the worker and asked for that cake. you bought it and left.

- at tamaki's house- you knocked on the door and it was opened by tamaki. "hey tamaki" you said. "hey" tamaki pushed open the door and looked at you clearly. "i got you something!" you smiled.

you pushed tamaki inside and walked over to the kitchen. you placed the cake on the counter and walked back over to tamaki. you peeked into the living room and saw mirio, kirishima, and nejire. " *G A S P* IS THAT-" you threw yourself at mirio and hugged him. "hey y/n" mirio smiled. "hi"

you greeted the others and walked over to the kitchen. tamaki followed you, leaving the others in the living room. "h-hey, y/n, can i a-ask you something..?" tamaki said from behind you. "yeah, of course!" you said, not looking up. "um.. well, uh.. am i g-good enough for y-you?" those words broke your heart. you stopped what you were doing.

"what?" you turned around to face tamaki. he was playing with the hem of his shirt, looking down. "why would you say that?" you asked. "well... i see that you smile a lot when you're with m-mirio and when you're with me-" you tilted his head up with your index finger and smashed your lips against his. your hands wandered up into his hair, and he grabbed your waist, pulling you closer to him.

"wOAH WOAH KEEP IT PG!" you pulled away from the kiss and turned to the voice. "i just wanted to get some water :')" kirishima said. you laughed. he ran back into the living room, leaving you and tamaki alone. "don't ever, ever doubt yourself ever again, ok?" you turned back to tamaki. he nodded and hugged you. "thanks y/n" tamaki said

you smiled and kissed his forehead. "happy birthday amajiki" you said, pulling away from the hug. and then you guys had fun and what not

happy birthday to this adorable cinnamon roll :')

its been 2 years since txt debuted :')

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