'sweeter than candy' juuzou x reader
'sweeter than candy' juuzou x reader juuzou suzuya stories

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'sweeter than candy' juuzou x reader

you met up with the boy once again. you personally didn't go for the sweets, you didn't like them. what you went for was juuzou. in your eyes, he was perfect. his beautiful white hair, his red stitches, his red eyes, all of it. "hey suzuya!" you said, smiling at the small boy.

"hi!" he stood up and walked over to you. juuzou ran into the candy store, looking around in awe. "what are you gonna get?" you asked him. "um.. maybe... the whole store!" he threw his hands into the air. "suzuya... no" "suzuya yes!!" juuzou ran over to a shelf and threw random candy into a cart.

"do you even have enough money for this..?" juuzou stopped. "ummm... no?" you chuckled. "you're planning on buying the whole store when you don't even have the money for it?" he nodded. " you need to start eating healthier suzuya.." you said, clearly worried for his health. "what?! no!" juuzou exclaimed.

"how about you get 5 things from here? i'll buy them." you offered. "hmmm... can they be any size?" you nodded. "deal!!" juuzou giggled and walked around looking for what to buy. he tugged on his lip softly, studying every candy intensely, eyes landing on a lollipop. he picked it up and placed it into the cart. he took four more candies, selected at random. "ok, done!" juuou smiled.

you took the cart to the register and paid for his candy. you walked over to juuzou and handed him the bag full of candy. "hmmm.. these all look so good.. but you know what i want more than candy?" he asked, looking up at you hopefully. "what?" "a kiss!" juuzou giggled and leaned forward. he smiled softly and planted a small kiss on your lips before you could say anything.

"what..?" you couldn't process what just happened. "that was sweeter than candy!" juuzou smiled. you laughed at the cheesy line. he giggled and ran toward the ccg, leaving you behind. "suzuyaaa" you whined.

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