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suna x reader | fluff

f/a: favorite anime

you sitting on your couch comfortably, eating chips and using your phone, when a tall, brown-haired boy walked into the room. "suna?" you called out.

he just kept walking towards you. he sat down next to you and took the bag of chips from your hands, sticking his hand into the bag and popping a chip into his mouth.

"i know you did not just-" you reached for the chips, a terrible attempt at getting the bag back. suna just dodged and kept eating."sunaaaa" you whined

"yeah?" he responded. "gimme" you stuck your hands out and looked at him. "no" suna didn't even turn to look at you. you whined again and got up.

you sat on suna's lap to distract him, and took the bag from his hands, running up the stairs and into your room.

you closed the door, turned your tv on, and sat on your bed. you decided to watch f/a while eating chips. you were about 3 minutes into the show when the door opened.

suna came in and plopped face-first onto your bed. "come here" you opened your arms, as suna crawled forward and snuggled into your neck

you took a chip and put it in front of suna's mouth, signaling for him to open his mouth and eat it. after a while, your arm was starting to fall asleep, so you decided to change positions.

you pushed suna onto the bed and laid on his chest. he paused the show and started stroking your hair softly. you were slowly starting to fall asleep, so you got closer to suna, warmth covering your entire body.

suna pulled a blanket over you and started humming to you softly. and then you fell asleep ig

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