skipping training w/ zenitsu | fluff
skipping training w/ zenitsu | fluff zenitsu stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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i love him so much its not even funny </3

skipping training w/ zenitsu | fluff

your eyes shot open as you heard someone calling your name. "y/n-channn!" zenitsu called. you turned to him. "yeah?" zenitsu smiled widely as he jumped out of bed, hugging you tightly.

"do you wanna skip training with me?" zenitsu whispered. you thought about it for a few seconds, unsure whether or not shinobu would kill you if you did. although she's all smiles, she's really scary.

"sure" you don't have anything better to do, and kanao was far too hard to beat. zenitsu smiled widely. "get ready and let's go do something!" zenitsu exclaimed as he lifted his arms in the air.

you got up from your bed and walked over to the bathroom to get ready. once you finished, zenitsu was already waiting for you outside. "y/n- channn!" zenitsu launched himself at you.

you caught him and placed him back down next to you before he could come in contact with you. "awww whyy y/n-chann" zenitsu whined like a baby. you walked past him, strolling through the butterfly estate.

you made sure to keep an eye out for shinobu as you did. "let's go get something to eat outside!!" zenitsu ran towards you again, attempting to hold your hand. "uhh.. ok" you let him hold your hand as you guys walked side by side out of the estate.

"where do you wanna go?" you asked the yellow-haired demon slayer. "i-i'm not sure..." the poor boy was still blushing profusely because you let him hold your hand. "ok.. let's just go eat some ramen" you tugged on his hand gently.

you both ran towards a stand where there was a kind old lady. she served you guys 2 bowls of ramen, which you guys ate quickly. after you paid and left, you saw inosuke and tanjiro walking toward the street you guys were walking in.

"fuck" you whisper-shouted. you practically dragged zenitsu from the street while he had no idea what was going on. "sorry, i saw inosuke and tanjiro" you apologized. zenitsu hummed in response.

"we should go back now" zenitsu mumbled. you nodded. you held his hand through the alley because the poor boy was too scared. once you arrived, there was no sight of shinobu or the boys anywhere, so you ran back in.

"thanks for everything" zenitsu looked down, playing with his fingers. you smiled and kissed his forehead. the yellow-haired boy nearly died. he was blushing a deep red and couldn't even form a sentence.

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