skateboarding to the gas station at 4am w/ kaminari | fluff
skateboarding to the gas station at 4am w/ kaminari | fluff denki kaminari stories

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skateboarding to the gas station at 4am w/ kaminari | fluff

"come on y/n, you're slow as hell" you rolled your eyes and used your foot to push yourself forward, leaving denki behind. "come on denki, you're slow as hell" you snuck a quick peek at denki, sticking your tongue out. "that was mean :'(" denki whined from behind you. "suck it up. you're like 16 or something"

"yeah yeah whatever- oh we're here" denki stopped his skateboard and ran into the store. you followed behind shortly, going straight to the chips. "hmmm" you were trying to decide between hot fries and takis but it was useless because you ended up choosing both.

"ok now i gotta go look for kaminar- HOLY SHIT" denki popped out from behind you, holding 3 monster cans and a shit ton of candy. "hey y/n its too early for you to be screaming" you glared at denki. "maybe i wouldn't have screamed if you hadn't scared me"

you walked past denki and started running over to the energy drinks, picking up 2 cans of monster. you walked over to kaminari and took his things. "i'm gonna pay, you go outside" denki shook his head. "no" you sighed and ran towards the cash register, paying for the items as fast as possible. "wait what no thats cheating" denki pouted.

"come on let's go" you placed your skateboard on the floor with one hand, the other carrying the bag with your snacks. denki followed behind shortly, extending his hand slowly. "huh?" you looked at what was in it, and he was handing you one of his airpods. the other one was in his ear, already blasting music. you smiled and put it in your ear.

um hey so i'm v lonely add me if you have a nintendo switch plEASE my code thing is SW-4062-2559-6029 the only things i ever do on there are watch youtube or play animal crossing so take it or leave it

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