skating away from the cops at 1am w/ langa and reki
skating away from the cops at 1am w/ langa and reki  reki stories
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albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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bro s5 ep1 of mha finally came out 😫

skating away from the cops at 1am w/ langa and reki

the loud sound of a police siren echoed from the alley you were exiting, the red and blue lights flashing. "oh fuck" you whispered. your foot hit the ground, pushing you faster.

"hurry, langa!" you yelled back at the blue-haired boy. he looked up frantically and pushed himself faster. reki was way ahead of you guys. "let's go to my place!" reki yelled.

you nodded and pushed yourself to go faster, catching up to reki shortly after. you were just a few blocks away from reki's house now. langa looked back at the cops, realizing they were on his heels now.

"langa!" you and reki yelled in unison. langa looked up at you guys and gave you an assuring smile. he did an ollie onto a garbage can, jumping from the can to a garage roof. you and reki watched in amazement as langa's eyes lit up.

langa looked back at the cops and jumped off of the garage roof, landing perfectly. you chuckled as you continued skating next to reki. once you reached reki's house, you made it look like you were going into their neighbor's place.

once the officers started running toward the house, you ducked down and hid behind a bush. the police knocked on their door loudly, but there was no one home. the officers sighed and walked back to their car.

once they got in and started driving away, you smiled widely and laughed. reki and langa laughed too, coming out from behind a tree. "let's go inside!" reki yelled.

you and langa followed him, greeting reki's mom with a hug. "langa, what you did back there was so cool" reki said as he grabbed some ramen from a cabinet.

"you helped me learn that, reki. thanks" langa softly smiled at the red-haired boy. reki blushed and looked away. "w-well.. it was nothing!"

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