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shinso x reader | fluff

you were in your room waiting for shinso to come home, using your phone to pass the time. you knew he was coming later than usual, but it was getting pretty late. you went downstairs to get a snack, and as you walked into the kitchen, the door opened. a very tired shinso walked into the house. "SHINSOOO" you ran over to the purple-haired boy, smiling.

you took his bag from his hands and took it upstairs. shinso followed behind slowly. you placed the bag into your room and dragged shinso into your shared bed. "you finally have a day off tomorrow" you smiled. "yeah.. i forgot about that" shinso put both of his arms around your waist and pulled you onto his lap.

"why do you always worry about me so much, y/n?" shinso asked. "because I love you" you smiled. "fair enough" he placed you back on the bed and said "i'm gonna order some food because i don't feel like cooking" "you never feel like cooking"

"yeah, yeah, whatever. want anything?" he asked. "sure, i'll get some ramen" "ok" shinso pulled out his phone and ordered the food. "im bored" you complained. "then don't be" "you're meannn" you walked over to Shinso and climbed onto his back. "can you give me a piggyback ride to the bathroom" you said "can you use your legs"

"no" shinso got up and started walking. when he got to the doorway, he stopped. "you can get down now" he said "i don't think so"

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