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sexuality comfort | todoroki

'never keep anything from each other'. that was the number 1 rule of friendship, right? you never kept anything from todoroki and that's what made you guys so close. but there was one minor thing you kept from him. ok actually, it's major. you're lesbian. you couldn't tell todoroki. you told your parents... it wasn't pretty.

"what a disappointment... i thought you were better than this." her words echoed in your head. 'am i a disappointment?' you thought you shook the negative thoughts and walked up to todoroki. "hey todo, can you come to my dorm after school? it's important."

"yeah" he kept his blank expression. you walked off, scared about what he would say when you told him. - t i m e s k i p - there was a soft knock on your door. you got up, walked toward the door, and opened it.

"oh hey todo" your stomach wasn't feeling to good now. "hey" he walked in and sat on your bed. "so what did you need to tell me?" "oh.. uh, so you might not like it and that's fine, but it's really important to me, so please hear me out." "yeah, of course."

you took a deep breath and tried to find the right words to tell him. "i'm... i'm lesbian" todoroki looked up fast, his blank expression turning into a soft one. "really..?"

"yes.." you looked down, not daring to make eye contact. "wow" he smiled at you. it was the first time you had seen him smile in a while. he was always so serious. todoroki leaned forward and hugged you tightly. "thank you for telling me." he whispered into your neck.

you sighed out in relief. he didn't say anything bad. at least not yet. "i'm so proud of you" you stopped. hot tears welled up in your eyes. "really?" your voice was barely a whisper. todoroki nodded. "i don't care what you are, i'll still be by your side, ok?" tears spilled out of your eyes as todoroki pulled away and wiped them.

"thank you so much" you leaned forward again and hugged todoroki. yay we love happy endings

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