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sakusa x reader | fluff

you had started dating sakusa about 2 months ago and you knew he needed lots of space. you didn't wanna be too clingy or always asking him to hang out just in case he got mad at you or shut you out. "hey y/n, i'm gonna take a shower, wanna come with me?" sakusa said from another room "sure, ill be right there"

you got up from the couch and walked to your room. you went into the bathroom and saw sakusa taking off his clothes. you proceeded to do the same thing, then sakusa went to turn on the water. you both got in and started showering. t i m e s k i p

you and sakusa got out of the shower and put some clothes on, then you sat on your bed and took out your phone. sakusa went out to do something and came back after about 30 minutes."hey y/n, can I ask you something?"sakusa asked "yeah, of course"

"why are you always keeping your distance from me?" sakusa asked "well, because I knew that you need lots of space" you answered "yeah but not from you! you're my s/o, I wanna be by you" "really?" sakusa smiled slightly. "yes yes, of course" you stood up, walked over to sakusa, and pushed him onto your bed. you placed your head onto his chest.

"wha-" sakusa said "shhh, I'm gonna take a nap" you whispered into his neck.

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