running away with tendou |fluff
running away with tendou |fluff  tendou stories

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running away with tendou |fluff

tw: slight mention of ab*se

you sighed as you closed your door quietly, trying to stay as quiet as possible. you've had enough. you were already having a hard time with school and work, your parent's didn't make it any better. you walked over to your closet, taking your favorite clothes and shoes from it.

you grabbed a big backpack, making sure you had enough clothes for about a week. you took a jacket, some money, your wallet, the snacks you took from the kitchen and opened your window. this is it. you were finally gonna run away. you wouldn't cut ties with them yet though.

you took out your phone as you jumped from the ledge. you landed softly as you took out your phone, pressing on tendou's contact. you waited for him to answer as you started walking to a safer place. it wouldn't be very fun to get caught as soon as you managed to get away.

"helloooo" tendou finally picked up. "oh hey satori!" you smiled. "hey y/n, need anything?" you walked slightly faster as you took a deep breath. "i finally ran away" you stopped and took a seat at the bus stop. "wait wait really?" "yeah" tendou gasped. " where are you? i'm gonna go pick you up"

there was rustling in the background, signaling that tendou wasn't joking. "umm... i'm at the bus stop by our school" "ok, i'll be there in like.. 4 minutes?" "ok" tendou hung up. you smiled to yourself as you opened up your parents' contact information, blocking both of them.

you were finally leaving them after all of the abuse. just as you put your phone away, tendou pulled up and opened his window. "hey y/n-chann" he smiled. "hey tendou" you opened his door and sat down. tendou rolled the windows down and started driving, while you stuck your hand out and smiled.

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