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ranpo x reader | fluff

"ranpo no" you declined. "whatt why" ranpo whined. "because that's embarrassing as hell" you closed your eyes and rested your head on your desk. "although... i would do it if it was for yosano-san" you smirked. ranpo's eyes widened. "why herrr? i'm better" you looked up with a blank face. "no you're not"

"okok fine! i'm not. but if you won't do that with me.. will you do something else with me?" ranpo smiled childishly. "as long as it doesn't get me killed" you said. "perfect!" ranpo stood up, threw his hands in the air, and walked over to his desk. he opened his drawer slowly and started going through it, making a slight mess. he pulled something out and smiled.

"got it!" ranpo walked back to you, leaving the mess by his desk. "what are those?" you asked. "candies!" ranpo opened the bag and popped one into his mouth. "you're gonna feed me these!" you nodded. ok, it wouldn't be too bad anyways. youre just gonna feed him candy. "but... you have to use your mouth!" ranpo's smile got even bigger.

"what..?" "you heard me!!" ranpo handed you the bag of candies. you looked at them for a second, unsure what to do with them. you sighed and placed a candy in your mouth. you leaned closer to ranpo and he smiled. he took a bite of the candy slowly. you thought he was done, so you pulled away from him. but he wasn't done.

he grabbed your waist, pulled you closer to him, and kissed you. he kissed you softly, savoring the piece of candy that was still in your mouth. ranpo pulled you onto his lap, holding on to your waist carefully. ranpo pulled away, smiling softly. you were blushing madly, not able to look ranpo in the eye. "another one!!" ranpo stuck a piece of candy in his mouth and kissed you.

"hey ranpo can you hel-" the girl stopped when she saw what was happening in the room. "nevermind!" yosano walked away. ranpo pulled away and giggled. you rested your chin on ranpos shoulder, smiling to yourself. the experience wasn't as bad as you thought it was gonna be.

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