raiding supermarkets for coffee jelly w/ saiki | fluff
raiding supermarkets for coffee jelly w/ saiki | fluff saiki kusuo stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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i got this idea from a youtube video :)

raiding supermarkets for coffee jelly w/ saiki | fluff

"come on saiki" you tugged on his arm lightly. "ok just wait a second" you waited and closed your eyes. you opened them and you were at the biggest market in town. you smiled. "ok i'm going in, are you coming?" saiki nodded and walked alongside you. you entered the store, looking for the jelly section. "found it" you whispered.

you ran over to the coffee jelly and threw 8 packs into the cart. "should i get the other ones?" you asked "sure" you grabbed the remaining packs and threw them into the cart. "let's go, i'm paying" you said, driving the cart toward the cash register. you paid for the coffee jelly and took out your airpods. you connected them to your phone, opening spotify. you clicked on a random playlist.

you smiled and walked over to saiki. "where are we going next?" you asked. "you'll see" you closed your eyes, listening to the music intently. you opened your eyes and once again, saiki had teleported you guys to another huge supermarket. you ran into the market, going straight for the coffee jelly. you took whatever was left and paid.

you continued going to supermarkets, taking coffee jelly. you went to about 5 stores and you were getting tired. "can we go home now" you asked. "yeah, can we go to your place?" you nodded. saiki teleported both of you to your house. you let out a sigh of relief ad you took off your shoes and walked upstairs, saiki doing the same.

you threw yourself on the bed and opened a package of coffee jelly, throwing one to saiki. you ran downstairs to steal spoons, then ran back upstairs to eat. you dug in, saiki doing the same.

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