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oikawa x reader | fluff

you exited the school quickly, looking around for oikawa. he promised that he would get to hang out with you today, but he was nowhere to be found. you opened the gym door, but there was no one there. you walked over to the main entrance and opened the door, only to be blocked by something. you could recognize this sound from miles away.

it was oikawa's squealing fangirls. at first, this wasn't a problem. the girls would keep a slight distance from oikawa because they thought you guys were dating. when they found out you guys were just friends, they started doing this all over again. you opened the door with force, not caring if you knocked over a girl or two.

you forced yourself through the crowd and once you made it through, you ran toward your house. you didn't want him to see you. it would be better if he just stayed with his fans. but why were you feeling jealous? it happened all the time and you didn't care. why was it this time that made you feel like this? as you were thinking, without realizing, you stopped running.

you just stood there, causing some fangirls to point at you and catch the attention of more people. one of those people being the one and only oikawa. you were lost in your thoughts. you didn't care about what was going on around you. oikawa walked towards you and called your name, leaving his fangirls behind. something he would do any day for you.

he walked towards you and grabbed your wrist, making you snap back into reality. you remembered what you were thinking about and your cheeks flushed red. did you really fall for the oikawa tooru? there were so many people, why him? "oh..uh..what?" you looked up, only to find oikawa looking deeply into your eyes. you blushed even more. "oikawa..?"

"why were you about to leave?" you looked down. "well you were hanging out with your fangirls and i didn't wanna bother you" oikawa's gaze softened. he used his finger to lift your chin up, making you look at him. "wha-" oikawa cut you off. he smashed his soft lips against yours. your eyes widened. you didn't hate it, but in front of his fangirls? they were gonna kill you.

you kissed back after a bit, not only because it would bruise his ego if you didn't, but because you were really enjoying this. oikawa was the first one to pull away. he smirked at you since you were blushing madly from one kiss. "if this can make you blush that much, wait till we do more~" oikawa cooed. "oikawaaa"

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