naruto x reader | fluff
naruto x reader | fluff

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naruto x reader | fluff

you and naruto sat in your seats quietly, watching tons of girls swarm around sasuke. "Sasuke!" "Sasuke!" "Sasuke!" was all you could hear throughout the classroom. "what does Sasuke have that I don't?" naruto said, sighing in defeat. "well, for starters, good grades, good looks, hes-" "okok! i get it!" naruto cut you off.

"so what happened with hinata?" you asked " well, when i asked her if she liked me, she said she didn't :'(" naruto said. "well, i can see why" you joked. " g a s p! that's not nice :(" naruto said, frowning. "im sorrryy! come, come" you extended your arms and smiled.

he got closer to you and sat on your lap, hugging you tightly. he sighed dramatically. "that was hella dramatic bro" you laughed. shikamaru walked up to you guys slowly. "are you and naruto dating?" your eyes widened. "what..? "we're not! we're just friends!" naruto said, pulling away from the hug slightly.

'just friends' those words echoed in your head, making you zone out slightly. you had liked naruto for the longest time, you had no idea he was so dense. " well, it looks like y/n doesn't agree with that" shikamaru smirked. you snapped back to reality. "huh?" you and naruto said in unison. you sighed. "he's like a little brother to me.. can you leave now?" you asked shikamaru.

shikamaru rolled his eyes and walked away. 'just friends' you couldn't stop thinking about it. were you really just a friend to him? your teacher walked in. "good morning class!" naruto got off your lap and sat next to you. t i m e s k i p

school had just ended, and you and naruto were walking home together. suddenly, naruto stopped, making you stop shortly after. "huh? why'd you stop?" you asked."y/n, can I tell you something?" naruto asked. he looked really nervous or scared about something. "yeah, go ahead." you answered. naruto took a deep breath. "so...." naruto's words trailed off.

"i reallylikeyouy/n" although he said it fast, you could tell what he said, making your cheeks turn bright red. " don't like me back so-" " no no no no no shh" you put your hand over his mouth to shut him up. you smiled. " i like you too" you uncovered his mouth slowly. "no you don't" "yes i do!"

"you don't, i'm like a little brother to you," he said, mocking what you said in the morning. " i do and you cant tell me otherwise" "you don't!!" you sighed and cupped his face. "i do" you leaned closer to him and smiled. you smashed your lips into his. naruto was really shocked at first, but eventually melted into the kiss.

neither of you wanted this to end, but you had to pull away for some air. "do you believe me now?" you asked. "no... maybe i will after another kiss!" naruto smiled innocently. "no" you turned around and walked away. " WHAT"


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