midoriya x gn! reader hcs <3
midoriya x gn! reader hcs <3  mha stories

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i kinda stole someones idea so go follow them lol @yxme

midoriya x gn! reader hcs <3

- he's so cute. it's like dating a huge teddy bear that cries too much. - he really likes cuddling you because it comforts him and he just really enjoys your presence. - he's really shy when it comes to pda in public, but if there's some guy looking at you, he's gonna do subtle things like wrap his arm around your waist

- he's not a jealous person because he trusts you a lot. - he always sets up cute dates <3 - he gets really flustered when you compliment him - after a good 1-2 months of dating, he took you to meet his mom and she absolutely loved you. she felt like she had another child.

- you get along really well with all of his friends and he really likes that because you get to hang out with all of them together, and he thinks there's nothing better than hanging out with the people he loves the most. - he loves you so, so, so much and he's pretty bad at expressing it

- he never says 'i love you' unless you say it first - lots of movie dates. it doesn't matter if they're at his house, yours, or the movie theater, there's gonna be tons of movie dates. - he also really likes going to get boba with you and walking through the park.

- whenever serious conversations start, he always messes with the hem of his shirt and he avoids eye contact. - he's incredibly insecure so you have to comfort him all the time. - he loves you so much and would do anything for you <3

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