midari x fem reader | smut-ish
midari x fem reader | smut-ish kakegurui stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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i love midari so much i'd let her do anything to me

midari x fem reader | smut-ish

also, tw: an attempt at r*pe and guns. if you don't like that please click off this is also a smut (kinda)

"oi, y/n l/n, come with me." kiwatari said, he and his two minions stopping you from leaving the school. you stood there and thought about it for a second. "sure, let's go" you answered. kiwatari smirked and led you to the back of the school. once you arrived at the back, kiwatari pulled out a chair and sat on it, facing you.

"we went quite a long way, so, what do you want from me?" you said politely "take off your clothes. strip." kiwatari said. you took off your blazer slowly and looked at the three guys. "is this ok?" you asked. "keep going," kiwatari said. just as you were about to take off your tights, you stopped and looked at the boys once more.

"hmm... i refuse, i don't want some random people to see me naked, besides, you guys are.... very far from my type" you smiled. kiwatari stood up. he walked towards you and grabbed your neck, pinning you against the wall. "if that's what you want, if you want to get r*ped, fine"

"(your name)!!" ryota yelled, coming out from behind a wall. kiwatari's minions stood in front of him, stopping him from getting anywhere near you. "hey what are you doing?" a female voice said. you turned your head to see a black-haired female walk closer to you. she had an eyepatch and bandages on her arms. she was also holding what looked like a schoolbag.

"who the hell are you?" kiwatari scowled. "hey! this is bad!" one of kiwatari's minions said "that's midari ikishima, the student council beautification officer!" midari shoved her bag into the guy's arms and smiled. "it's not nice to get violent. As the beautification officer, ill have to stop you." - then she scared the guys off and what not-

"thank you for saving me" you bowed, "ill find a way to repay you somehow!" you said, lifting your head. "do you wanna know how you can repay me?" midari asked. "how?" midari opened her bag and took out her gun, handing it to you. "shoot me, torture me, kill me!" midari threw her head back. "i'm afraid i can't do that..." you said, handing her the gun

midari stopped and took the gun. "there is one other thing you can do for me..." she said, looking at you up and down "and what would that be?" you smiled. midari grabbed your hand and took you to the bathroom. she sat on the toilet seat. "sit," she said, patting her lap. " what are we gonna do?" you asked, sitting on midari's lap.

she snuck her hand up your thigh and pulled your tights down. she rubbed you through your panties."this is what we're gonna do" she pulled your underwear off and slid a finger in you. you let out a loud moan and covered your mouth, hoping no one heard you. "be as loud as you want, it's not like anyone cares" she took your hands off your mouth and thrusted faster.

your moans were getting louder and louder, and Midari's fingers just went faster. you came multiple times, and you stopped when midari felt like stopping.

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