mha boys x reader headcanons <3
mha boys x reader headcanons <3  mha stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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i wanna go on a boba date w sero <//3

mha boys x reader headcanons <3

characters: todoroki, bakugo, denki, deku, kirishima, sero, shinso, tamaki, and dabi. this is just random headcanons lol <3

todoroki: - he likes sneaking his hand under your shirt and turning on his ice or fire quirk. he really enjoys seeing your reactions. especially when you whine or try to squirm away from him.

bakugo: - he likes to play with your hair and give you small head pats. he also really likes when you play with his hair or place his head on your lap, so he tries to do the same with you whenever he can. especially since his love language is touch.

denki: - he's a full-time pervert, so his hands are always on you on way or another. he slides his hands up your shirt, places his hand on your thigh, places you on his lap, kisses you all the time, etc. he's really affectionate and desperate.

deku - he kisses and rubs your scars and/or stretch marks. he's always feeling insecure about the scars on his arms, and he knows you're insecure about your 'flaws', so he tries to make you feel better. unlike bakugo, he uses phrases like 'i love you' and 'you're perfect'. he's surprisingly well with words.

kirishima: - he loves helping you train. he's also training to be a better hero, and it's only fair for him to help you. it's a job for two people anyway. he doesn't go easy on you because he knows you would beat his ass. you hate feeling weak, so training with kirishima was really improving your condition.

sero: - boba dates. tell me this man does not look like he goes to get boba every other day. that was, when he was crusty and single. now he has a s/o and he's willing to spend every dollar he has on you. you guys go to get boba religiously, trying new flavors and doing crazy shit on the walk back home.

shinso: - i dont hc him to sleep all day but i feel like he's really lazy so there's probably a lot of uber eats. he likes to be in the comfort of his own home, so he eats at home 99% of the time. sometimes, you cook for him or vice versa, but you guys usually watch tv and eat fast food. and then fall asleep on each other.

tamaki: - even though he's really shy, he would step out of his comfort zone any day just to do something you like. it happens all the time. if you wanted to go to a karaoke bar, he would go with you even if he's not too comfortable. he just really likes seeing you have fun and being happy.

dabi: - probably suggests that you guys go on dates in which you commit crimes. you take it as a joke, but he's dead serious. for some odd reason, he finds committing arson with his s/o romantic.

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