mha boys x insecure or chubby! reader headcanons <3
mha boys x insecure or chubby! reader headcanons <3  mha stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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pls i love this so much </3

mha boys x insecure or chubby! reader headcanons <3

characters: todoroki, bakugo, deku, tamaki, sero, shinso, kirishima, denki, dabi. - what they would do when you're feeling insecure <3 - things they do subconsciously kinda nsfw for denki and dabi lol

todoroki - what he does when you're feeling insecure <3 when you're feeling insecure, he has no idea what to do. bby is so lost. he doesn't really say anything. instead, he wraps his arms around you, kisses you, pats your head, shows his love through actions because he would mess up if he tried to speak even once.

- things he does subconsciously he randomly sits you on his lap and rubs circles on your thigh as you guys watch tv. he also has a habit of poking your cheeks and squishing them because your reactions are so cute. fights anyone who says anything bad about you.

bakugo - what he does when you're feeling insecure <3 when you're feeling insecure, he also has no idea what to do at all. he doesn't like to use words or actions because they're too cheesy, but he doesn't just wanna leave you there feeling terrible about yourself.

so, he goes with showing affection through actions. he doesn't just do it randomly though. you guys might be watching tv and his hand is gonna be sneaking up to yours slowly and he'll just intertwine your fingers together or hug you and never let you go.

- things he does subconsciously like todoroki, bakugo likes to place you on his lap and watch tv with you or just take pictures. he never really did all these things before he started dating you, so he really stepped out of his comfort zone for you. he also likes to poke your sides or cheeks to see your amazing smile.

deku - what he does when youre feeling insecure <3 he faces a lot of insecurities, so he tried to do whatever makes him feel better when he's feeling bad about himself. he walks up to you and wraps his arms around you, embracing you in the tightest hug that you'll be stuck in for a while.

he'll tell you how amazing you are, trying to make you as comfortable as possible. he'll tell you he loves you a million times to make sure you never feel insecure ever again. - things he does subconsciously he often sets his head on your tummy or lap and takes a nap with you, taking pictures of you if you're still asleep and making them his wallpaper.

tamaki - what he does when you're feeling insecure <3 as the incredibly shy person he is, he was so scared of what you would do if he tried cuddling you or telling you something sweet. but he really loves you and wants you to feel comfortable with yourself, so he makes sure of that.

when you're laying on your bed, mindlessly scrolling through your socials, tamaki comes up to you and sets his head on your chest. he's just there for a minute. then, he lifts his head off of your chest and places his lips on yours, throwing his head back into your chest as soon as your lips part.

while he's a blushing, stuttering mess, he tells you that he will love you unconditionally and you don't need to worry about yourself when you're around him. then he kisses you again. -things he does subconsciously without noticing, he places his head on your chest when he's sad because it makes him so happy when you stroke his hair and comfort him.

sero - what he does when you're feeling insecure <3 he would use a cheesy pickup line to make you laugh because he's too stupid to come up with something meaningful and touching. he kisses you all over. all over. your face, tummy, arms, thighs, all over.

he wants you to feel loved by him because no one else matters when you guys are together and having fun. - things he does subconsciously he rubs circles with his thumb on your hands, thighs, arms, tummy, and really likes to stuff his head between your thighs and sleep because it's incredibly comfortable.

shinso - what he does when you're feeling insecure <3 like bakugo and todoroki, he would have no idea what to say. he's not sappy enough to say something sweet and meaningful, so buying you a small gift that you would love is the way to go. he would also cuddle you to sleep.

- things he does subconsciously he either places you on his chest or places his head on yours. there's no in-between. he likes to stroke your hair and give you head pats because he enjoys playing with your hair and doing small things like that don't take much effort.

kirishima - what he does when you're feeling insecure <3 he isn't afraid to do anything. after all, that's what a man's like, right? he walks over to you and picked you up, drowning you in the biggest hug.

then he sits you on his lap and asks you to tell him what you're feeling bad about. when you tell him it's about your appearance, he just kisses you all over and goes to prepare a bath for you. when he's done, he jumps in and confirms he'll love you no matter what you look like. as long as your personality doesn't change, he's set for life.

- things he does subconsciously you're always gonna be in his lap. you could be passing by the couch, and you'll be in kiri's lap within a few seconds. and once you're on his lap, you aren't able to get off. all the work he's been putting into his arms is really working to keep you with him.

denki - what he does when you're insecure <3 much like sero, he's gonna use a pickup line because he's a dumbass. what else would he do? he also kisses you until you're out of breath. and then once you catch your breath, your lips are attached to his right away.

- things he does subconsciously he kisses you over and over. everywhere. usually leads to you guys fucking, but he just loves your lips so much. he also loves your thighs. he leaves tons of hickeys on them and uses them as a pillow 99% of the time.

dabi - what he does when you're feeling insecure <3 the second you tell him you're insecure about your body, he's gonna strip you naked and fuck you in front of a mirror, whispering in your ear about how beautiful your body is.

- things he does subconsciously he always has his hands on your thigh. always. it's kinda like marking his territory. he doesn't want anyone making moves on you at all. he loves you too much to lose you, but he's too scared to say it. so he shows it through his actions.

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