'i love you too..." mafuyama angst
'i love you too..." mafuyama angst given stories
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'i love you too..." mafuyama angst

given spoilers and what not f/d: fatal disease bc i don't know any 😸 lowercase intended also tw: death

mafuyu was walking to his and uenoyama's shared dorm, a small smile on his face. he had finally come up with the lyrics for his next song, and he couldn't wait to show uenoyama. he unlocked the door and walked in, taking his shoes off carefully. "i'm home"

there was no answer. 'that's weird' mafuyu thought. he placed his guitar on the floor, opening the door to the kitchen. his smile dropped at the sight he saw. uenoyama was on the floor, passed out. "UENOYAMA!!" mafuyu yelled loudly. he dropped to his knees.

mafuyu shot up and looked around desperately for his phone. he found it and frantically called 911, telling them what happened. while he was waiting for them to come, mafuyu picked up uenoyama and held him in his arms.

"ueno," mafuyu said in attempt to wake the boy up. mafuyu shook him lightly, and ueno's eyes opened slightly. "m..mafuyu?" uenoyama asked, voice raspy.

"yes?" hot tears threatened to spill. "I love you..." that was all uenoyama could say before he blacked out. mafuyu started crying, shaking uenoyama frantically, trying to wake him up.

then there was loud knocking at the door. mafuyu walked over, head down, and opened the door. the paramedics rushed into the house. "who is the person who passed out?" one of them asked.

"uenoyama ritsuka" mafuyu replied solemnly. "is there anyone else that's close to him?" mafuyu swallowed before answering. "two friends of ours, akihiko kaji, haruki nayakama, and uenoyama's sister yayo-"

mafuyu collapsed before getting to finish. - timeskip-

akihiko and haruki waited outside the hospital room, waiting for the results. the doctor finally came out. "are you guys relatives of uenoyama ritsuka or mafuyu sato?"

"no, but we're close friends" haruki responded. "oh... ok then." the doctor looked at them, his gaze flickering between his clipboard and the boys. "are they ok?!" akihiko jumped up.

"um, well... mafuyu is perfectly fine, he had just passed out. but uenoyama on the other hand, has passed away. did he ever tell you?"

akihiko and haruki stopped. "tell us w-what..?" haruki said, not being able to believe what he just heard. he dug his face into his palms and cried. akihiko rubbed his back, trying not to cry.

"he had f/d. He's had it for more than 2 months. but fortunately, mafuyu didn't catch it." akihiko and haruki gasped.

- in mafuyu's and ueno's room- mafuyu woke up, his upper body sitting up. he rubbed his eyes. was it all a dream? He then looked to his left. oh.... it wasn't.

the doctor walked in and saw mafuyu. "oh, so you're awake" mafuyu nodded slowly and spoke up. "is he ok?" the doctor sighed.

"uenoyama has, unfortunately, passed away. did he ever tell you that he had f/d?" mafuyu stopped. his mind went blank.

he felt like crying, but the tears couldn't come out. he had felt like this before. this is like yuki's death all over again, just with someone else. he didn't want this. all he wanted was to be happy with someone he loved.

why couldn't he just get that? "mr. sato?" the doctor called out. mafuyu couldn't hear him clearly anymore. he got up and walked towards uenoyamas bed, where his lifeless body was laying.

mafuyu remembered one thing clearly. uenoyama's last words were 'i love you'. that was the only thing in mafuyu's mind. mafuyu held his hand and cried. " i love you too..."

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