Kiyoko | sexuality comfort
Kiyoko | sexuality comfort  kiyoko stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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they just had to go and make kiyoko perfect 😫✋

Kiyoko | sexuality comfort

this ones gonna be for the pansexuals <3

you took a deep breath and walked up to the goddess herself, Kiyoko Shimizu. you were planning on telling her for a while, but you were too scared. eventually, you got the courage to tell her. "hey kiyoko.. can i talk to you real quick?" you called out "yeah, of course, let me just finish up here"

you waited patiently, waiting for kiyoko to walk over. after a bit, she came over, taking a seat beside you. "so, what did you want to talk about?" she started "well, uh, i've been meaning to tell you for a while that.. i'm pansexual."

there was a moment of silence. for a second, you thought she wouldn't accept you. "really?" she said "yeah" "that's amazing! i'm really proud of you, y/n" you let out a relieved sigh. she actually accepted you for who you are.

kiyoko got closer to you and hugged you. "if anybody makes fun of you for this, tell me, ok?" you smiled and nodded. your parents and family members didn't accept you for who you are, but that didn't matter. at least your friends accepted you.

i think imma do a non binary one w/ hange then a bisexual one w/ gon or transgender one w/ saiki

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