kita x reader | fluff
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kita x reader | fluff

you looked at your phone, checking for any messages. there was one text, from the one and only osamu miya. ' hey y/n sorry but I can't come to our date today' you left him on read and walked over to the bathroom. once you finished in there and sat on your bed. you sighed as you opened instagram.

the first post you saw when you opened the app was one of osamu's. it was him at an expensive restaurant with some girl. Is he that stupid? you rolled your eyes and closed the app. you opened the messages app to text kita.

' kita can i come over?' 'yeah of course' before you knew it, your whole mood turned around.

- timeskip to kitas house- you knocked on the door and waited for someone to open it. kita opened the door, greeting you with a hug as soon as you walked in. he was gonna let go, but you held on.

"are you ok y/n?" you sighed as you avoided eye contact with the boy. "yeah, but osamu just stood me up"

"you guys were gonna go out?" you released your strong grip on kita and looked at him. " yeah, he went with some girl instead"

kita grabbed your hand and dragged you to his room. it was clean, as always. " what do you wanna do?" kita finally spoke up.

you got up, sat Kita on his bed, and laid back onto his lap. "let's stay like this" kita chuckled as he patted your head and ran his fingers through your hair.

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