kissing the scars on midoriya's arms | fluff
kissing the scars on midoriya's arms | fluff  izuku midoriya stories

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kissing the scars on midoriya's arms | fluff

"hey midoriya" you peeked into the green-haired boys room, only to find him holding his arm and staring at it in disgust. "what are you doing?" you asked him. "well.. aren't these ugly? i think they make me look ugly." your eyes widened. "what? no..if you think about it, they're kinda like memories, right?"

you smiled and ran your index finger over each scar. "do you see this?" you pointed at a scar. "it's beautiful" you planted a soft kiss over it. "and this one" you gave another scar a kiss. "this one too" you lightly tapped on the last one and planted another kiss on it. as you finished kissing his scars, you looked up and kissed midoriya.

"don't feel insecure about these, they look cool" you smiled at the boy. he returned the smile shyly, still blushing profusely from the kiss. "i love you izuku" you leaned closer to midoriya, planting a small kiss on his forehead and wrapping your arms around him. " i love you too" midoriya whispered.

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