Kirishima | sexuality comfort
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Kirishima | sexuality comfort

ok this ones for the gays :0

"kirii" you yelled out "yess" he replied "can you come real quick" "um yeah sure ill be right there" You sat on your bed as kirishima walked in and jumped on your bed. "did you need something?" he asked

"um i wanted to tell you something" kirishima sat up and looked at you "i'm listening" "well, uh, i'm-" "y/n?" "i'm gay"

you looked down, playing with the hem of your shirt as kirishima's eyes widened. "Y/N!" he lunged forward and hugged you, refusing to let you go anytime soon. "kiri-" " THAT'S SO MANLY OF YOU"

you guys stayed like that for a while, neither of you letting go. "im so proud of you, y/n" "thanks, kiri, i didn't think anyone would accept me" kirishima pulled from the hug and looked into your eyes. "don't say that, it doesn't make any difference to me.

you could be an alien and i would still be your best friend" kirishima patted your head and placed your head on his lap. "wanna watch something?" he suggested, taking the tv control from your nightstand. "sure" you smiled

ugh yes head pats from kiri :') bald hobi

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