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kenma x reader | fluff

you and your boyfriend Kenma were in his room. you were sitting down on the edge of the bed, using your phone, while kenma was playing on his switch. you went up to him and hugged him from behind. he didn't even seem to notice.

you checked your phone, and there was a notification from Kuroo. you opened the text message. - hey y/n, can you come over in a bit? If not, can you come over tomorrow?- - yeah, I'll try to be there in a bit, i'm with kenma so he won't even notice - - alright thanks-

you took your phone, keys, and wallet. you stood up and opened the door. "i'm going to kuroo's" kenma's head jolted up. "can you at least come give me a kiss" kenma said you walked over and you were about to kiss him.

then, he pulled your waist, sat you on his lap, and rested his head on your shoulder. "did you really think I would let you leave" "it was worth a try" kenma continued to play his game while you were watching him. THE END

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