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karma x reader | fluff

you were walking in the halls of your school when you heard some noises, being the nosy ass you are, you decided to peek into the gym. you shouldn't have done that. in there, you saw nagisa and kayano kissing. you had liked nagisa ever since you had arrived at this school.

and of course, it would hurt to see him making out with another girl. you ran as fast as you could toward the exit, but you were stopped by someone. "where are you going?" karma. "to the exit, that was pretty obvious," you said looking down.

"why though? you always stay after school until 4" karma said "nothing, can I leave?" you still hadn't looked up. "no" "why not" "because I said so, now tell me why you're leaving" "I can't" this was getting pretty annoying. you just wanted to leave.

"so are you gonna tell me or not?" karma said "i'm not" karma smirked. "then I'll make you tell me" "huh-" karma grabbed your chin with his hand, making you look up at him. once you were facing him, he grabbed your wrists and pinned you to a locker."...what are you d-doing..?" you asked.

"tell me" "its really nothing" "tell me" "okok fine, I just saw someone I liked with another girl." You said, embarrassed. "who" karma said. "wait wait wait- I already told you enough" "who"

"n-nagisa.." karma frowned. "you like him? what a shame.." he leaned in closer and closer to your face and stopped, his face only inches away from yours. "should I..? " karma asked "should you wh-" karma smashed his lips into yours. you didn't really know what to do, so you kissed back. after a couple of minutes, you pulled away for air. you were blushing madly while karma was teasing you.

the end

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