just a dream | comfort character x reader | angst
just a dream | comfort character x reader | angst comfort character stories
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just a dream | comfort character x reader | angst

f/a - favorite anime c/c- comfort character c/ec - characters eye color c/hc - characters hair color

their lips fit into yours like a puzzle piece. they were so soft. the way they placed their hands on your waist was hot.

their hand was perfect for yours. their hand was always so warm, soft, comforting. that's why you loved them so much.

the way they hugged you. they actually cared. they didn't just say ' it's going to be alright'. they were better than that.

your pov- i walked into my room as they followed behind me slowly. i grabbed the tv control, looking for f/a. they sat next to me, holding my hand softly. "you're so cute" they whispered.

i buried my face into their chest as i was blushing profusely. then, the anime started. i stood up, grabbing a blanket from my closet and placing it on me and c/c. they smiled softly and placed their hand onto mine once again. i chuckled in response, looking away from the anime to look at c/c.

i studied their beautiful features. they had beautiful c/ec eyes, soft c/hc hair, and such nice skin. my eyes traveled over to their hands and they reached over for the control. they paused the anime and looked at me for a second. they smiled as they extended their arms, signaling for me to hug them.

i pressed my body against theirs, hands traveling to their arms. i traced my fingers against the soft skin, making them giggle softly. it was beautiful. i pulled away from the hug and reached for the control to turn off the tv. once it was off, i crawled over to them, sitting in their lap and placing their hands on my waist.

i smiled as their hands traveled up my waist, going towards my neck, and then my face. they used their finger to lift my chin up slightly, then kissed me softly, giving me no time to process what was going on. their hands dropped back down to my waist, rubbing their hands up and down. they pulled away and looked at me.

i stared into their c/ec eyes as i tried to come up with something to say to them. the first thing that came to mind is what came out. "i love you, c/c." i whispered. when i realized what i said, i blushed slightly and looked down. "i-" they started.

then i woke up. i looked around to see nobody there. i looked around my house and checked my phone. then, it hit me. they didn't exist. they were just a fictional character that i fell in love with when i was watching anime. they were on the other side of a screen.

a human being drew them. the closest i would get was a cosplay. tears streamed down my face as i tried to stop them. i can't be crying over a drawing. after all, it was just a dream.

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