gn! jujutsu kaisen relationship headcanons
gn! jujutsu kaisen relationship headcanons jujutsu kaisen stories
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albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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i got this idea from @sangwoah they made haikyuu headcanons

gn! jujutsu kaisen relationship headcanons

itadori - he wouldn't care about your race, height, weight, sexuality, etc. - he's definitely an ass guy - he's TOO CARING - when you guys go out on dates, he's always staring at you and taking pictures of you when you're not looking

megumi - he's a boobs guy because he looks like one ig - he gets jealous pretty easily, especially if you're hanging out with Itadori. - he likes to kiss you on your lips when you guys are alone, but in public, he holds your hand

inumaki -since he can't speak actual words to you, he taught you how to understand what he's saying - he doesn't like it when you hang out more with panda than him - when you guys are alone, he's really touchy and clingy

junpei - he's really shy at first but opens up more and more - he gets jealous a LOT, but he doesn't wanna seem overprotective, so he hides it - l o t s of cuddles - he loves holding your hand - consent, consent, consent

maki - she's actually really soft - she doesn't really do affection in public - when you guys are alone, she likes to give you forehead kisses and cuddle with you -she's definitely the big spoon, and you lay on her chest if you're not spooning.

nobara - she's really insecure about herself but hides it by pretending to be full of herself - you tell her how beautiful she is every day - She's probably the little spoon - l o t s of forehead kisses -she holds your hand in public

gojo - he'll do anything that's considered affection - when you guys are alone, he'll tease you a lot - whenever you're trying to work on something, he kisses your neck to distract you - he doesn't like it when you have to work with Nanami

nanami - he's soft around you only - he lets you sit on his lap and ramble about your day - you make him really happy - he loves cuddling with you - doesn't do affection in public, but in private, he tends to kiss you a lot

ok I think that's all of the good characters

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