jealous! genshin boys x reader headcanons pt 1 <3
jealous! genshin boys x reader headcanons pt 1 <3  genshin stories

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zhongli and albedo>>>> you

jealous! genshin boys x reader headcanons pt 1 <3

characters: zhongli, childe, xiao, albedo, diluc, kaeya i just can't put chongyun or xinqiu because they're my comfort ship and i can't see them w anyone else other than each other gn reader <33

zhongli: - it's rare for him to get jealous because he's mature and he puts a lot of trust into you, but there are some people that piss him off a little too much. - some of those 'people' are random ugly ass guys that try to hit on you. why? 1. because zhongli is way better than them.

2. he doesn't like when people try to flirt with you, it just makes him so pissed and he doesn't really know why. it's just a natural feeling when some random guy tries to take the person you love away from you. - and he just doesn't express it because, well, he thinks it's childish. - but he will if he has to

- he walks up to you and the guy and wraps his arm around your waist just as you were trying to tell this guy that you have a boyfriend. his words were a little more stern than usual as he told the guy that both of you should really get going, which was a little surprising. - he doesn't talk too much about what happened because he feels weird when you ask him if he was jealous.

childe: - acts like a baby. - he's usually a pretty jealous person, but when it comes to his little brother, he goes wild. - he's practically the same thing as childe, just a younger-looking version. why would you want to spend more time with him than childe?

- he whines a whole lot. he wraps his arms around your waist, kisses you all over, and acts really dramatic. "y/n, did you stop loving me already???" " why do you pay more attention to him than me? what did i do to deserve this?" "it's because i'm a fatui, isn't it"

- you're gonna hear that a whole lot, so either tell him to shut up or give him the affection he needs.

xiao: - much like zhongli, he's not a very jealous person, but if you're giving all your attention to someone else, he feels left out and lonely all over again. - of course, he's not an attention whore, but he likes getting affection because it's one of the first times he's gotten so much care in his life.

albedo: - he's only ever jealous when if comes to sucrose for some odd reason. - maybe he thinks that you're gonna replace him with sucrose as your favorite alchemist? it's so hard to tell because of his usual poker face. - he's also really bad at expressing his emotions.

diluc: - he's another 'usually serious' guy so there's not too many emotions he shows and that makes it incredibly hard to tell when he's jealous. - but if there's gonna be anyone that can piss him off and make him jealous as much as kaeya, then they're one crazy mf

- something in diluc just s n a p s when he sees kaeya and you together, casually sipping on dandelion wine. - he couldn't care less when kaeya makes fun of him for liking grape juice, but if you side with him or laugh at his jokes, he feels mad. or maybe sad. this guy can't even figure out his own emotions.

kaeya: - he's naturally a really jealous person so anyone that gets close to you makes him so mad. - never in his life would it be because he thinks that person could easily replace him. - it's obviously because they're a piece of shit compared to kaeya and it makes him mad seeing them try to get at you.

omfg i love them sm

i wanted to do dainsleif but i had no idea what to write because its so hard for me to pick up his personality for some reason <//3


anyways if you guys have any x reader hc request pls tell me idk what to write and i'm really bored :<

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