'irreplaceable' kenma x reader| angst
'irreplaceable' kenma x reader| angst  kenma stories

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'irreplaceable' kenma x reader| angst

- this has swearing - also, this is time skip kenma

all kenma ever did now was use his phone. if he wasn't streaming, he would be on his phone. "kenma, are you just gonna be on your phone all day? I'm bored" he didn't answer. "kenma?"

he stopped typing and looked at you. "what y/n" "i need attention, you're always on your phone. don't tell me you found someone else :( i'm irreplaceable" you tend to do that at times. being hella insecure is tiring. you had to act confident to be confident

kenma shut off his phone and looked back at you. " y/n, you're easily replaceable. i have thousands- no, millions of fans who would KILL to be in your spot. don't act like you're irreplaceable" word after word, your heart was being shattered into pieces. but you weren't gonna cry over some guy who didn't respect you.

"ok kenma. i'm tired of your bullshit. i don't care anymore. go to your fucking fans. i'm leaving." you got up, took your belongings, and left, leaving kenma in bed alone. that was the last thing he heard from you. T I M E S K I P

kenma tried. he tried really hard, but there was no one. no one would treat him like you treated him. he checked your Instagram, seeing the fake smile you put on for pictures. he had come to the conclusion that there was only one word to describe you. irreplaceable.

should i do sexuality comfort stories because idk what to write

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