iconic quotes from kpop idols
iconic quotes from kpop idols  kpop stories

albedo I WANT THOMA PLEASE//they/them
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iconic quotes from kpop idols

what the fuck is this - CL i feel as useful as the p in raspberry - kevin corona, fuck you - hwasa

why study math when you have a calculator - soobin you know what it is, hello, annyonghasEo - jackson wang sm water tastes like water - wendy

i love your... sexy brain -jin what..? am I supposed to twerk? - rosie girl, this is a white wall - keeho

fuck you too bitch - park yeri your behavior is so... uGH! -park hyunjin once and twice are pigs - momo

wow hi bonjour - dahyun i'm good at all positions - hongjoong hey, HEY, slowly - jisoo

you know what else is big? - bang chan idk what he said, but lets laugh - jin its the vampire from the south side west - keeho

periodt - intak and jiung *burns tortilla* ohHH MYYY GODDDD YEEEAHHH - keeho did you not see me burn that tortilla? - keeho

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