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hisoka x reader | fluff

after hisoka's match, he was missing an arm and needed to be healed. hisoka sat down in a chair and you picked his arm up, aligned it with whatever was still on him, and started working your magic on it. once the arm was fully healed you said "ok I'm done, bye" but hisoka had other plans.

as you turned around and walked away, hisoka grabbed your wrist, making you stop. he pulled you towards him, making you fall onto his lap. "huh-" "shhhh" he started to place his bungee gum on his arm, making the stitches disappear. you were always amazed by the way he did that, it could never compare to your nen ability.

when he was done, you were still on hisoka's lap, but you were listening to music, curled up in a ball. hisoka was eating candy and had you wrapped in both of his arms.

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